We have spirit!

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Last week, I received the Spirit Award (which surprised me considering I was running a track practice… the training I find the most challenging). We ran four mile splits, one at race pace, one a little faster, one faster still and then back to race pace. In the process, I discovered a new running partner who helped me keep pace and pushed me to run a little faster than I thought I could on the second and third splits. (Thank you Sean!)

As we were talking, I asked about his experience with Team in Training. He said something to me that really embodies what this season has shown me so far. He said, Team in Training really makes you feel good about people – all people. And he’s right. Our teammates are amazing, the contributions from the community are amazing and the fact that so many people are willing to give in time and money so willingly is humbling. Thank you everyone! Here’s me looking silly (post-run) in my spirited hat…


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